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warbs feedback
Jun 14

charity fun day for Deloitte

Thanks again to the excellent https://www.warble-entertainment.com/ we did a charity day on 11th June, which is also my birthday (not relevant. ed.)  and we all had lots of fun etc etc etc

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Jun 14

weddings in Whitby

Excellent wedding at Raithwaite Estate http://www.raithwaiteestate.com/wedding-events/ and i think it’s true to say everyone had an EXCELLENT TIME.  Courtesy of the excellent Warble https://www.warble-entertainment.com/

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Mar 31

Went to Anglesey for the day but it was meant to be for a weekend. Ha ha.

Took loads of drawing and painting stuff and did nothing with it because we spent the whole day driving round, with beer breaks, then found nowhere to stay, so came back.  The picture is of us.  Anglesey, I’m talking about.  http://www.angleseyweddings.com/  I put this link in for a laugh.  I think I’ll tell them in [...]

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Mar 23

Courtroom art – serious trial – can’t talk about it yet

Went into Minshul Street court  for a trial involving kidnap and suchlike, very unpleasant.  Can’t talk about it yet.  Anyway, what you do is, you sit in the press gallery, paying lots of attention to the goings on, memorising everything, then legging it quick to a quiet room or even in the car, drawing the [...]

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Sir Henry Rawlinson
Mar 22

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End – my small part

Now don’t be misled readers (I always think “misled” is pronounced “mizzled”) I didn’t have a part, I just did a bit of the scenery.  The bit you can see here.  I think it sat upon the mantlepiece.   Here’s a link to one of the many reviews of this revival - http://www.wordmagazine.co.uk/content/sir-henry-rawlinson-end-0 Now normally I [...]

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what a jolly time, with a live caricaturist, what?
Mar 20

Drawing the girls at Renaissance, St Helens

I joined a training session for the girls at Renaissance Beauty in St Helens http://www.renaissanceskincarebeauty.co.uk/ and drew all their portraits while they weren’t looking, for their website.  I had to kind of blend into the scenery and not scare them to death, which is what I normally do to people.    You can have your staff drawn [...]

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baby says hello!
Mar 18

A portrait of a wee baby

This is a surprise picture for a baby’s mummy.  Went down very well too!  Very cheap as well, amazing gift, even if I do say so.  I’m based in St Helens in the North West of England but I can send these anywhere, via the amazing Royal Mail (but make sure it’s recorded delivery or [...]

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Feb 6

What I do at charity events!

I draw live caricatures for black-tie charity events, amongst other things.  I’m doing one for Mojito  www.mojitoevents.com in Manchester soon.  I will report back when it’s over.  Meanwhile, here’s a picture I did abroad on a tablecloth for free beer.     Charity events – as I draw live caricatures of the guests I’m happy to [...]

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Feb 6

Wedding at Mitton Hall

Wedding at the delightful Mitton Hall in Lancashire. http://www.mittonhall.co.uk/   Live caricatures by me, your hilarious entertainer and provider of merriment.  Portraits of the guests to take away and keep forever!   Charity events – as I draw live caricatures of the guests I’m happy to take a collection tin with me for your   charity.  Now, [...]

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new outfit
Jan 13

New outfit for parties!

Hi folks, just thought I’d let you know I’ve got a new outfit for when I go out drawing caricatures at parties and so on.  I’m having some professional shots done soon but this is my own paltry effort.   I’m sure you are impressed though, what?   Brilliant “live” caricatures for parties, weddings,  and [...]

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