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May 13

Drawing caricatures at Shepherd’s antique fair in Stockport

So I went to Stockport County’s ground to draw caricatures of the visitors to the antique fair there.  This is every month or so, and is run by these folks here and I can recommend them.  I haven’t been for a while because of wedding commitments and suchlike.   I must get in touch with the fellows [...]

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antiques fair at Stockport and Norbreck Castle in Blackpool!
Mar 25

antiques fair in Stockport,

Did a soup-herb antiques fair in Stockport today courtesy of the fine gentlemen at for whom NOTHING is too much trouble.  Mr Shepherd in particular will look after your every requirement.  I was there drawing caricatures and although some of the guests were at first a tad wary, I soon got the atmosphere awhirr.   Thanks [...]

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Feb 1

student entertainment in Loughborough Uni

Drawing live caricatures courtesy of Graduate Promotions working on behalf of Lloyds Banking Group (I checked, there is no apostrophe now) to attract the brightest students to a glittering career in banking!  This was of course at Loughborough Uni which has a stadium named after Paula Radcliffe — whoa how many [...]

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Nov 10

Caricatures at Leeds Uni – even colder!!

Same as York, only in Leeds, if you see what I mean.  Live caricatures for all the lovely students, over 6 hours.  BUT very very cold, boy did I need those thermals – my brain was beginning to shut down by the end.  But hey, no complaints, it’s all in the name of entertainment! If [...]

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Nov 8

Caricatures at York University – v cold

Caricatures for the students at a graduate fair in York Uni.  Working outdoors, thank goodness for thermals! If by chance you read this as the result of a google search, treat it as the most serendipitous event of your week.  I am a very reasonably priced and highly skilled entertainer, the like of which you [...]

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lanc uni
Nov 4

entertaining the students at Lancaster uni

Spent the day at Lancaster University drawing live caricatures for the Lloyds Banking Group, at the invitation of Graduate Promotions Ltd to spread the brand message amongst the bright young things of Lancaster.  Actually they were such nice enthusiastic people the six hours went by in no time!  In my humble opinion, live caricatures [...]

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Aug 29

Terrible name-dropping

I drew Cesar the dog-whisperer.  He said next time I go and draw live caricatures in Latin America, I should give him a call.  Dash it, I can’t remember where I put his bally number!

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