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warbs feedback
Jun 14

charity fun day for Deloitte

Thanks again to the excellent we did a charity day on 11th June, which is also my birthday (not relevant. ed.)  and we all had lots of fun etc etc etc

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Jan 28

Drawing caricatures at One Vision Housing in Bootle

Fun week down at One Vision Housing in Liverpool.. Making the staff laugh inappropriately whilst on the phone by drawing their portrait.  And only one person gave me a warning look as if to say, you’re not drawing ME!  Thanks for booking me Kayleigh!  See you next time.

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May 22

Job with Team Spirit down in Cheltenham

A load of people got promoted at work and to celebrate they got taken out for some dinner in a hotel inCheltenham.  Not the most exciting hotel I’ve ever been in, but I did meet the illustrious Harry Robson who always leaves me in stitches.  The occasion was orgainised by Team Spirit who are jolly good chaps [...]

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May 19

Paint the Town Red – Workington

The good people of Workington held a festival called Paint the Town Red with loads of stuff going on.  A good time was had by all despite the fact that it was VERY WINDY.  Organised by the folks at Warble who are dead good as well.   Here’s a quick word about Charity Events. I can come [...]

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May 15

opening a new Krispy Kreme store in Hull

There was a massive queue waiting for the new Krispy Kreme store  to open in Hull today, with me entertaining the patient souls by drawing caricatures.  I was there courtesy of Wizardry a finer set of people you couldn’t hope to meet etc etc.

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May 14

Chris the Equaliser.

Chris I’m half way through this…  will be smashing it out.  Will also be including links to your scary event.

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board small
May 8

a big board and thanks to

Thanks to the folks at Shout I did a corporate job in Worsley, near Manchester of a rather unique flavour.  It happened as follows.  The client had its top executives from round the world over for a big conference.  I was stood in the corner with my board and assorted matériel translating their words into pictures – [...]

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May 7

Blackburn Rovers

  I’ve been doing pre-match entertainment at Blackburn Rovers you know, drawing caricatures and generally making the guests laugh.  This was the last home game of the season and it wasn’t the result we’d been hoping for, but at least I did get to see the Blackburn Rovers chicken on the pitch which was slightly amusing. [...]

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I did this
Apr 3

Opened a new Krispy Kreme outlet in DUDLEY

Thanks to Carl at Wizardry in Manchester I drew live caricatures of the people in the queue for the new Krispy Kremes shop in Merry Hill shopping centre in Dudley. and …they certainly get you dancing on the ceiling with a big coffee in one hand and a KK experience in the other.  The queue turned three corners [...]

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Mar 20

Pre-match entertainment at Blackburn Rovers

Hi folks, well to coincide with a much-needed winning scoreline against Sunderland I went to Blackburn Rovers and drew caricatures of the lucky guests in the hospitality suites.  In fact I did it through the game, half time, and afterwards too!  The event was made possible by the fantastic Mr Andrew Green who also managed to give [...]

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