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Jan 28

Drawing caricatures at One Vision Housing in Bootle

Fun week down at One Vision Housing in Liverpool.. Making the staff laugh inappropriately whilst on the phone by drawing their portrait.  And only one person gave me a warning look as if to say, you’re not drawing ME!  Thanks for booking me Kayleigh!  See you next time.

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Nov 4

World famous omelette arnold bennett

Hey kids, went down to the Carriers Inn in Cheshire and had the above mentioned omelette.  Was so struck with its supreme goodness, I didn’t have the time or energy to tell them that I am available to draw hilarious caricatures at weddings and any other event you can think of.  I think I’ll let [...]

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Oct 9

Mark Waddington

Yeah, well, this Mark Waddington, he does magic and that, lives in Skipton.  He’s dead good too, in fact he’s very good, and he isn’t expensive.  He’s gorgeous too, so handsome!  (Is that ok?)  Don’t forget me, I’m the caricature fellow based in St Helens, right?

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Sep 16

Birthday at Mere Golf and that

Went to a party at Mere Golf to draw some caricatures, which, I might add, were hilarious.  Met a chap from the Cheshire Cat Cleaning Company and i thought he actually cleaned cats.  Silly me.  Met Joe Gardner the photographer who said he would send me some photos.  HEY JOE!  I put a link to your [...]

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Sep 11

Superb beer, food at the Crown in Worthington

Now look here chaps.  We went up to The Crown Inn in Worthington, near that Wigan.  Never heard of it, never mind drank in it.  Great beer and that, but the food was out of this world and cheap too.  I’ve been a mystery restaurant reviewer and I’m dead fussy.  If I don’t like something, back [...]

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Aug 26

Samlesbury Hall near Blackburn

Did a great wedding at Samlesbury Hall for Sandra, courtesy of Warble Entertainment who one thoroughly recommends, what?  Now then, here’s the feedback which the lovely bride was kind enough to send… Spencer was a fantastic addition to our wedding reception. Everyone was thrilled with his drawings and I would definetly recommend him to my friends [...]

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Aug 25

Hilarious wedding at Lancaster Golf Club

Did a great wedding for Scott and Samantha at Lancaster Golf Club  which reminded me of the old clubhouse when I used to stay at Gorse Hill caravan site when I was but a boy - but you know what – talking of Gorse Hill – they used to have these big naturally occurring slate miniature mountains [...]

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Aug 18

Simon’s wedding in Mottram Hall

Went to a wedding at Mottram Hall  which is a great place to work, great staff and loads of room.  Anyway this went with a bit of a bang because the guests were certainly a lively bunch, rather colourful you might say.  And, keep this to yourself, I got a bottle of champers off the staff [...]

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Aug 18

Birthday party in Wakefield!

I did a birthday party in Wakefield and rather than go on about it, I’m going to quote from an email I got from the birthday girl’s Dad!!   Hi Spencer, Thanks for your visit on Saturday evening.  I can honestly say that your visit to my daughters party was the icing on the cake. [...]

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Aug 17

Wedding at Nutter’s!

Here it is, and yes it is called Nutter’s because the bloke who started it is called Andrew Nutter.  Actually he’s very well known, and with good reason, ‘cos his food is top!  Anyway I did a wedding here for Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe and dashed good it was too.  Thanks to Warble for doing all the [...]

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