Opened a new Krispy Kreme outlet in DUDLEY

Apr 3
I did this

Thanks to Carl at Wizardry in Manchester I drew live caricatures of the people in the queue for the new Krispy Kremes shop in Merry Hill shopping centre in Dudley. and …they certainly get you dancing on the ceiling with a big coffee in one hand and a KK experience in the other.  The queue turned three corners and never had fewer than about 200 people in it all day!  A few said they hated me, but they were only joking, because I was drawing at such INCREDIBLY HIGH SPEED they couldn’t believe I could do that and also produce a funny and lifelike picture every time.  I said, you have to practice.  Or is it practise.  Nine til three.  And I never touched a doughnut.  Lee, the boss, said he wanted me at every KK opening and I’ve already been booked for the next one.  Sorry for the braggadocio  but what can you do?  Here’s a nice picture of Devizes for you what I drew.

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