Went to Anglesey for the day but it was meant to be for a weekend. Ha ha.

Mar 31

Took loads of drawing and painting stuff and did nothing with it because we spent the whole day driving round, with beer breaks, then found nowhere to stay, so came back.  The picture is of us.  Anglesey, I’m talking about.  http://www.angleseyweddings.com/  I put this link in for a laugh.  I think I’ll tell them in a minute.  Who am I?  I draw live caricatures at weddings and parties and everything else.


Here’s some blurb about charity events:



I can come to your event and treat it just like any other, BUT, as I draw live caricatures of the guests I’m happy to take a collection tin with me for your charity. Now, the way to do it is as follows. I put the tin on the table and say, “if you like the picture, put some money in there. If you don’t, don’t.” Or words to that effect. In other words I never say “The drawing is n pounds.” That would kill the moment. So I rely on my confidence that the drawing will be good and that they will put a goodly donation in. SO…. though I can’t make any cast iron promises the likelihood is that you will make most or all or more than my fee. Good eh?


Brilliant “live” caricatures by Spencer the Artist for parties, weddings, and any event you can think of. You can hire me anywhere – Lancashire, Liverpool, St Helens, Bolton, Chester, Nantwich, Crewe, Manchester, Scotland, Newcastle, Tyneside, London, Shropshire, the Lakes, Barrow-in-Furness, Windermere, Workington, Birmingham, Essex, Peterborough, Scarborough, Hull, Leeds, York, Halifax, Harrogate, Blackburn… you get the picture. Hilarious entertainment and a permanent prize for the guests to take home!

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